Friday, June 12, 2015

The Pirate Ruse by Marcia Lynn McClure

Love isn't a strong enough word,
for this is one of my all-time favorites adventures.
Get ready to swoon to your heart's content!
"One decision can change the entire course of a life."

The Story.
       Although the war with Great Britain is over, the United States continues to battle for their hard-earned land. There are those who have their own agendas and those who are still loyal to King George. Cristabel Albay is not one of them. She wakes to find that she's been abducted from her home in New Orleans and is being held prisoner on a British ship, only to then get kidnapped by pirates. Just when she thinks her rescuers have come, they turn out to be pirates themselves! She finds herself in the hands of the infamous Captain Navarrone the Blue Blade.
"Swear it!" she begged. "I swear it," he assured her. Still she wept. "But you're a pirate. I cannot trust your swearing." "Oh, when it comes to my swearing, love, believe me... you can trust in it," he chuckled.
       Though he is said to be a more merciful pirate than Bully Booth, who never takes prisoners or let his women live long, he continues to keep her his captive. Why was she on a British ship? Is she in league with them? Who is still acting on their loyalties to King George?
       As the story continues, secrets are uncovered and loyalties revealed. Can Navarrone trust her? Will he ransom her? Will Cristabel be kept as his prisoner, or will he let her return home to her mother? Can Navarrone forget about the woman in the painted portrait above his desk? Will he ever forgive himself? Will Cristabel?
"What hope is there in loving a pirate?"
My Thoughts.
       Adventure. Rum. Biscuits. Mystery. Excitement. Battles. Espionage. Romance. Humor. Treasure. Pirates. Kissing. Torture. Trickery. Loyalties. Forgiveness. Reuniting. Cutlasses. Coins. Pumpkins. Fiances. Secrecy.
       Today marks the third time I've read and fallen in love with The Pirate Ruse. I just adore this story. So much so that after I bought it on my i-phone/kindle, I bought it in paperback through, even though it was more than I normally pay for a book. Usually I get my novels through a bargain website, like, or I'll buy used books through To say I paid over $15, and for a paperback, says a lot!
       Be still, my heart: I simply cannot get enough of the swoon-worthy pirate, Captain Navarrone the Blue Blade. I love a good adventure and who has more adventures than pirates? It's hard to find a good, clean pirate novel - one that portrays pirates as thieving, wenching, thrill seeking individuals but keeps the erotic-type romance out of it. Don't get me wrong, my heart jumps and sings when there is a definite attraction between characters and they smooch and peck and swoon over each other... your heart flutters but you don't have to read about them taking off each others clothes and all that.
       I loved the differentiating points of views between Navarrone and Cristabel. Getting to read about his emotions and thoughts was such a treat that not all books offer. Their relationship was so engaging and witty, with lots of teasing banter and tension as their feelings for each other develop.
"Bothersome little vixen that you are, Cristabel Albay," he grumbled.  "I was looking forward to those biscuits."
       Cristabel is innocent and naive, but she is full of sass and bravely stands up to the pirate captain and continues to defy him throughout her captivity, though maybe a little less defiant when he threatens her. Captain Navarrone is just a strong-willed as her and he enjoys toying with her. His mind is set on figuring out how she came to be on that British ship. He carries burdens of his own, past failures that weigh down his heavy heart, and he tries to prove himself throughout this journey.

The Author.
       As I start to write my own story and pay more attention to how a story develops, descriptive language, and words themselves, I realize how beautifully Marcia Lynn McClure has put her story together. Her words flow wonderfully together, sounding like poetry when you slow down and appreciate each sentence. For example, rather than saying that he is handsome and that Cristabel is drawn to him, she says, "It was as if he were some sort of handsome quicksand of perfect masculinity, drawing her deeper and deeper into the smoldering warmth of his eyes." It's just so lovely! Here's my favorite quote in the book:
"Prepare yourself, love... for I have not yet begun to quench my thirst for you."
Check out the Pinterest Board I created to go along with this book!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean- Sound of the Black Pearl (opening battle scene)
2. Game of Thrones "Official" Show Open (the Screaming Witch catches up to them again)
3. Conquering Time by Dexter Britain (being James and meeting with Governor)
4. Distance by Christina Perri featuring Jason Mraz (kissing in the cabin)
5. Dust To Dust by The Civil Wars (the island)
6. Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi (treasure scene)
7. Just The Way You Are by The Piano Guys (beach scene, sitting on the sand... because she doesn't want him to be tamed but to stay the way he is) ...AND...
   The Words by Christina Perri (beach scene, in the trees)... And holy crap: her music video even has Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time! HOW PERFECT IS THAT?! Definitely icing on the cake.
8. Rolling In The Deep by The Piano Guys (second beach scene, where Cristabel learns and reveals to Navaronne what she discovered in the inn) 
9. When The Darkness Comes by Colbie Caillat (scene from Navarrone's mother's POV: reuniting with family... you'll see what I mean) 
10. Kiss me by Ed Sheeran (Navarrone going to Cristabel on the balcony) 
11. Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End suite- Marry Me (scene with interrogation, fight, rescue, and staying with James Kelley) 
12. Wherever You Will Go by Charlene Soraia (last chapter of the book) 
13. The Time To Run by Dexter Britain (the end)

**If you have any ideas for songs on this playlist, share them in the comments! I strongly believe that every book needs it's own music, and everybody's taste is different... I would love your input!

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