Friday, September 4, 2015

FREE FRIDAY: My Favorite Free Ebooks

There is nothing better than free books!  Especially GOOD books.
Here are some of most favorites that are currently (and have been) free, kindle-style.
Most of these are great books that have either lead me to more great books or opened my eyes to other great books by these same authors, specifically Rebecca Ethington, Cheree Alsop, Chanda Hahn, Shelly Crane, Quinn Loftis, Anna Kyss, and Claudia Lefeve.  Check it!
  1. Kiss Of Fire by Rebecca Ethington (#1 in the Imdalind Series)
  2. Through Glass by Rebecca Ethington (#1 in the Through Glass  Novella Series)
  3. Of River & Raynn- The Journals by Rebecca Ethington (#1 in the series?)
  4. Wander & Roam by Anna Kyss (#1 in the Wander Series)
  5. UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn (#1 in An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series)
  6. The Iron Butterfly by Chanda Hahn (#1 in The Iron Butterfly Series)
  7. Parallel by Claudia Lefeve (#1 in the Travelers Series)
  8. Significance by Shelly Crane (#1 in the Significance Series)
  9. Prince Of Wolves by Quinn Loftis (#1 in The Grey Wolves Series- or TGWS)
  10. Elfin by Quinn Loftis (#1 in the Elfin Series)
  11. True Calling by Siobhan Davis (#1 in the True Calling Series)
  12. Wings Of Arian by Devri Walls (#1 in The Solus Series)
  13. A Plain Jane by Odette C. Bell (#1 in the Plain Jane Series)
  14. Faelorehn by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson (#1 in the Otherworld Series)
  15. Captured by Erica Stevens (#1 in The Captive Series)
  16. Rise Of The Dragons by Morgan Rice (#1 in the Kings & Sorcerers Series)
  17. A Quest Of Heroes by Morgan Rice (#1 in the Sorcerer's Ring Series)
  18. Silver by Cheree Alsop (#1 in The Silver's Series)
  19. Small Town Superhero by Cheree Alsop (#1 in the Small Town Superhero Series)
  20. Phantom Universe by Laura Kreitzer (#1 in the Summer Chronicles Series)
  21. Bound By Prophecy by Melissa Wright (#1 in the Descendants Series)

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