Sunday, January 12, 2014

Galdoni by Cheree Alsop

Cheree Alsop is one of my top ten favorite authors.  Her writing is simple yet exquisite.  Her books have great morals, values, adventures, heroes, and just a smidgen of innocent and heart-melting romance mixed in as well.

Galdoni is about opening your eyes, discovering and removing the blinds that the world around us uses to keep us in the dark. It is about finding your purpose, embracing your individuality and realizing you are more than just a number, a thing to be used and controlled and manipulated.  

Galdoni is about putting faith in your friends and trusting others with your secrets.  It is about self-preservation & endurance through intense & dangerous situations.  It is about not giving up but standing up; standing up for what is right, even when you stand alone. 

I hope you enjoy this book and recommend it to people you know.  I enjoyed it immensely and have read it multiple times already.

"We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them."


“This is the Arena, and here we live to die.” These are the words carved into a holding cell where genetically-altered gladiators, the winged humans called Galdoni, are trained to fight. Kale, rescued by three high school students and nursed back from the brink of death, is given the chance to experience life as a human. When he is captured, he has to use what he learned in the world outside the Academy in order to free the other Galdoni and return to the human girl he loves.
Dark and exciting, Galdoni pushes the boundaries of love in a world of violence.

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