Saturday, January 11, 2014

What did you read last year?

So last year, literally throughout all of 2013, I read more than 200 books... WHAAAAAAATT???!!?!?!! I totally know, right?! It was fun and crazy and insane and the best year ever, but sadly it will never happen again.  I never got anything done and put off doing errands, forgetting to open my mail, and lost so much sleep.  But then again, I read somewhere that no one ever remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep... I had told my dad this and he replied with, "I do!" Haha.

So this year, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to read less- silly, I know.  How many people will you meet in the world who will say that? ;)  ANYwho, I am going to try & cut down to reading only one book per week, that's 52 books in a year... sounds pretty dang good, cutting down 1/4 from what I was at before.

I'm not really sure why I read so much, I think it may be because I hadn't read for so long, and because  I was able to find great free books through iBooks on my new iPhone, and my sister Laura took me on a few dates to Powell's Book Store.  Leading me to be quite the bookworm.

So this blog is dedicated to reviews and recommendations via the books on my to-read list and my did-read list and my recommended-by-fav-authors-on-twitter list.  I hope this helps you pick a great read, because nothing compares to reading the last word at the end of a superb binding of pages, otherwise known as a book. :)

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