Thursday, April 10, 2014

Julie Kagawa- BIG BOOK NEWS!

Just a few things to blow your mind:

1. Julie Kagawa's book The Immortal Rules is FREE on iBooks for a very limited time. Grab it while you can!!!  And on this note... The Forever Song, the third and final book in the Blood Of Eden series, comes out THIS WEEK!!!!! On April 15th people, that's in five days... AAAHHHHH!!!! So stoked :D

2. Julie is also doing a TEASER TUESDAY for her upcoming book Talon: a book abut dragons who can disguise themselves in human form.  They have been hunted and killed for centuries.  When a dragon slayer and a dragon in human form start a friendship, things are in for a bumpy ride.  ALSO, the cover reveal will be on April 15th, the same day as the release for The Forever Song.  Share info about it and Julie will reward a special someone. ;)  Just go here:

 BETTER NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!
The Forever Song, a book with vampires, comes out April 15th during the Blood Moon Eclipse... Beyond cool!!! Coincidence? Way to go, Julie Kagawa! You just blew everyone's mind.

AAAAAAND....  who doesn't love an author interview??!! :D  Check out this interview with Julie Kagawa:

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