Friday, April 11, 2014

          I admit to having feelings of guilt when reading books via my I-phone... I feel like I'm cheating on books, and my sister- she'll give you the stink-eye for even considering reading on a kindle over the real deal.  ALTHOUGH, absolutely nothing compares to holding a tangible book in your hands... the feeling of ownership you get, knowing that you own your own adventure, your own escape from reality, is incomparable. And the smell!!!  Oh, the smell of books is my favorite thing!  Who's with me? When I walk into Powell's Bookstore...oh man. If I ever run into a cute guy who picks up a book and smells it (in a totally not-creepy and very attractive way), I could just kiss him! Haha, my mother would die if she ever heard that... or laugh. Yeah, she'd probably laugh.
          ANYwhooooo, back to my main point.  I DO buy e-books and want to recommend to everyone.  I started out using I-books but too often they take forever to release new books.  I liked having all my books in one place, so I only used this for a good, long while. Then I got tired of waiting, so I purchased some books off for the 'Kindle' version for my I-phone. I haven't had any trouble with it but I really like smashwords a heck of a lot better.  First off, they have everything!  Most authors use smashwords and they often have free things.  But here is MY NUMBER ONE REASON: Smashwords offers books in all sorts of forms. You can access your smashwords library from anywhere and can download it however you'd like: kindle, pdf, and more (I'm not completely confident in what they are). You can even read them online! This is the best of news for people who work in an office like me... good news for them, bad news for their bosses, haha! Unless their bosses are book-lovers, too, but my guess is probably not... so don't get caught!

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